About us

In the public/commercial sector sanitary products need special qualities. They have to be robust, long-living and have to fulfil special characteristics. We not only pay attention to functionality but also to an attractive design. We successfully serve this segment of the market since 1928.

In our assortment you will find products for facilities such as:

      • Kindergarden
      • Schools
      • Barracks 
      • Commercial buildings
      • Hospitals
      • Railway stations / Airports
      • Public toilets
      • and many more facilities

Beside stainless steel we are using precast-stone, polybeton (cast marble) to be able to offer a variety of color accents. Our product program extends mainly over the following ranges of application:

      • Hand washing
      • Showering
      • Toilets / Urinals

Of course we also offer soap dispensers and towel dispensers, hand dryers and refuse bins.

We are specialized to offer you the best products and the best service. We look forward to the co-operation with you!